CCTV Drain SurveyS

We use state of the art cameras to identify the causes of persistent drainage blockages

Our CCTV Drainage Survey Service

Typical indicators of problems with a home's drainage are odours, blocked sinks and a flooded water appliances. It is more than likely that a domestic drain blockage can be removed manually or by using a sufficiently powerful jetting tool.

In a minority of circumstances when a blockage proves more stubborn and difficult to identify, it may be the case that a more obscure or significant problem exist. This is generally where a CCTV survey would be required.

Despite its sophistication, a CCTV survey is the most effective and economical way to diagnose a drainage problem. When the alternative is the excavation of the land above the drainage, the prospect of despatching a highly sophisticated camera into the drainage system to find a blockage, leak or any other damage is most welcome.

The findings of the survey are detailed in a report, together with recommendations on the most effective and economical means of remedy.

Why should a CCTV survey be undertaken?

There are several potential issues which can cause problems with drainage. Some are easy to resolve (e.g. blockages or build-up of residue), some less so (e.g. severe drain or pipe damage). CCTV drain surveys are the ideal basis for any subsequent repairs.

Leaking pipe


Pipe with blockage


Cracked pipe


Corroded pipe


Disjointed pipe

Displaced Joints

Blocked pipe

Residue Build-Up

Pipe with tree damage

Tree Root Damage

Collapsed drain


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