Drain RepairS

We diagnose damage to drains and ensure professional repairs are made

Our Drain Repair Service

Drains become damaged in a number of different ways; some major in scale, some minor. Minor damage such as small cracks, loose joints and partial tree root encroachment can be identified and repaired relatively quickly and easily.

Significant damage to the sound structure of a drain is often caused by shifting ground, work being carried out in a drain's proximity and major tree root penetration. In such cases, much more extensive investigation and repairs will be required.

Collapsed Drains

The term itself is daunting, but a collapsed drain isn't always as catastrophic as one might think. Before any repairs can take place, it is necessary to accurately identify the location and scale of the collapse. We would do this by undertaking a CCTV drain survey.

The results of the survey provide us with crucial information such as the type and scale of the damage, the access available to repair the damage and the vital dimensions of the drain. This insight is used to determine the best way to approach the repair.

Wherever possible, we will attempt a form of repair which doesn't require any excavation. However, sometimes there is no other choice but to dig down and apply a repair directly.

How do you know when you have a damaged drain?

It isn't always possible to be certain of a damaged drain without investigation, but there are some pretty clear indicators to be aware of.


Foul Smells

The odour of sewage in and around drains and in a building could suggest damage to a drain pipe.

Blocked pipe

Blockages & Backups

Regular and persistent blockages or backups of waste water may indicate damage to a drain.

Brick wall

Damp & Mould

When a drain is damaged and water flow is disrupted, damp patches and mould may appear on walls.

Partially blocked pipe

Slow Draining

Slow running drains are an indicator of a drain blockage, but if problems persist, damage may be the explanation.

"Thanks to Steve we now have free flowing drains and a thorough understanding of our drainage system, thanks to the excellent survey and the hard work involved in removing blockages and replacing damaged pipework. Highly recommended."

Tim Butcher

"Had a problem develop with our drain for the washing machine so called out RF Angus on a recommendation. They got back to me the same day and turned up to do the job. It was certainly not a straightforward task but Alan and Ash did a cracking job and worked hard to get us sorted. I would certainly use them again. Thanks very much guys!"

Pete Gardner