Gully Cleaning

We use high-pressure jetting and specialist hosing to clear blocked drainage gullies

Our Gully Cleaning Service

Drain gullies are essentially small reservoirs in the ground which are designed to catch and store waste and debris to prevent it entering and potentially blocking the pipe network downstream. This debris needs to be removed from time to time otherwise the gully will block and overflow.

What action should be taken when a gully is blocked?

We utilise two main techniques to clean and maintain gullies, each of which have slightly different objectives and benefits.

High-pressure jetting is designed to remove obstinate blockages caused by substances like grease, fat and oil. Whereas specialist hosing is undertaken to extract whatever debris is the culprit of the blockage. They are both rapid and reliant methods, which as experts, we will determine which one to adopt.

"Used RF Angus to clear a blocked rainwater drain. They came very quickly and did an excellent job. Can highly recommend."

R Harris

"Came out within an hour at the weekend and did fantastic job!"

Paul Groom