Grease Trap Emptying

We provide a regular & ad-hoc grease trap emptying & cleaning service

Our Grease Trap Emptying & Cleaning Service

Grease trap systems are designed to stop food waste, oil, grease, fat and other unwelcome substances from making their way into our drainage system. The reason for this is two-fold; such waste cannot be handled and processed by treatment plants or septic tanks, but first and foremost, it is likely to cause blockages in the immediate drains and pipes. Left to fester, such a  blockage will create foul odours, slow draining and wastewater backups. Most unpleasant.

In commercial kitchens in pubs, restaurants and hotels, the majority of drainage problems and blockages are  caused by the inappropriate disposal of fat, oil and grease. Well installed, adequate and regularly maintained grease traps are vital in commercial kitchens.

How and when should grease traps be cleaned?

Current UK regulations stipulate that all new and refurbished commercial kitchens must have installed a fully-functioning grease management system. This rule applies to kitchens and canteens used by a company's staff as well as kitchens in pubs, restaurants, hotels and other buildings.

We recommend that grease traps are emptied and cleaned every quarter (three months). Our experts remove the substance build-up with high-pressure water jetting, clear the drains and replenish the enzymes that break down the grease to make our job a little easier. Our Waste Carrier Licence assures you that we dispose of the waste in an environmentally sustainable way.